Class SimpleElementVisitor6<R,P>

Type Parameters:
R - the return type of this visitor's methods. Use Void for visitors that do not need to return results.
P - the type of the additional parameter to this visitor's methods. Use Void for visitors that do not need an additional parameter.
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
ElementKindVisitor6, SimpleElementVisitor7

@SupportedSourceVersion(RELEASE_6) public class SimpleElementVisitor6<R,P> extends AbstractElementVisitor6<R,P>
A simple visitor of program elements with default behavior appropriate for the RELEASE_6 source version. Visit methods corresponding to RELEASE_6 language constructs call defaultAction, passing their arguments to defaultAction's corresponding parameters. For constructs introduced in RELEASE_7 and later, visitUnknown is called instead.
API Note:
Methods in this class may be overridden subject to their general contract.

WARNING: The ElementVisitor interface implemented by this class may have methods added to it in the future to accommodate new, currently unknown, language structures added to future versions of the Java programming language. Therefore, methods whose names begin with "visit" may be added to this class in the future; to avoid incompatibilities, classes and subclasses which extend this class should not declare any instance methods with names beginning with "visit".

When such a new visit method is added, the default implementation in this class will be to directly or indirectly call the visitUnknown method. A new simple element visitor class will also be introduced to correspond to the new language level; this visitor will have different default behavior for the visit method in question. When a new visitor is introduced, portions of this visitor class may be deprecated, including its constructors.

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