Module java.base
Package java.lang

Annotation Interface Deprecated

A program element annotated @Deprecated is one that programmers are discouraged from using. An element may be deprecated for any of several reasons, for example, its usage is likely to lead to errors; it may be changed incompatibly or removed in a future version; it has been superseded by a newer, usually preferable alternative; or it is obsolete.

Compilers issue warnings when a deprecated program element is used or overridden in non-deprecated code. Use of the @Deprecated annotation on a local variable declaration or on a parameter declaration or a package declaration has no effect on the warnings issued by a compiler.

When a module is deprecated, the use of that module in requires, but not in exports or opens clauses causes a warning to be issued. A module being deprecated does not cause warnings to be issued for uses of types within the module.

This annotation type has a string-valued element since. The value of this element indicates the version in which the annotated program element was first deprecated.

This annotation type has a boolean-valued element forRemoval. A value of true indicates intent to remove the annotated program element in a future version. A value of false indicates that use of the annotated program element is discouraged, but at the time the program element was annotated, there was no specific intent to remove it.

API Note:
It is strongly recommended that the reason for deprecating a program element be explained in the documentation, using the @deprecated javadoc tag. The documentation should also suggest and link to a recommended replacement API, if applicable. A replacement API often has subtly different semantics, so such issues should be discussed as well.

It is recommended that a since value be provided with all newly annotated program elements. Note that since cannot be mandatory, as there are many existing annotations that lack this element value.

There is no defined order among annotation elements. As a matter of style, the since element should be placed first.

The @Deprecated annotation should always be present if the @deprecated javadoc tag is present, and vice-versa.

See Java Language Specification: @Deprecated