Module java.desktop

Class MetalBorders.ToggleButtonBorder

    • Constructor Detail

      • ToggleButtonBorder

        public ToggleButtonBorder​()
    • Method Detail

      • paintBorder

        public void paintBorder​(Component c,
                                Graphics g,
                                int x,
                                int y,
                                int w,
                                int h)
        Description copied from class: AbstractBorder
        This default implementation does no painting.
        Specified by:
        paintBorder in interface Border
        paintBorder in class MetalBorders.ButtonBorder
        c - the component for which this border is being painted
        g - the paint graphics
        x - the x position of the painted border
        y - the y position of the painted border
        w - the width of the painted border
        h - the height of the painted border