Module java.desktop

Interface SystemSleepListener

  • All Superinterfaces:
    EventListener, SystemEventListener

    public interface SystemSleepListener
    extends SystemEventListener
    Implementors receive notification as the system is entering sleep, and after the system wakes. This notification is useful for disconnecting from network services prior to sleep, or re-establishing a connection if the network configuration has changed during sleep.
    • Method Detail

      • systemAboutToSleep

        void systemAboutToSleep​(SystemSleepEvent e)
        Called when the system is about to sleep. Note: This message may not be delivered prior to the actual system sleep, and may be processed after the corresponding wake has occurred.
        e - the system sleep event
      • systemAwoke

        void systemAwoke​(SystemSleepEvent e)
        Called after the system has awoken from sleeping.
        e - the system sleep event