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public interface MBeanServer extends MBeanServerConnection

This is the interface for MBean manipulation on the agent side. It contains the methods necessary for the creation, registration, and deletion of MBeans as well as the access methods for registered MBeans. This is the core component of the JMX infrastructure.

User code does not usually implement this interface. Instead, an object that implements this interface is obtained with one of the methods in the MBeanServerFactory class.

Every MBean which is added to the MBean server becomes manageable: its attributes and operations become remotely accessible through the connectors/adaptors connected to that MBean server. A Java object cannot be registered in the MBean server unless it is a JMX compliant MBean.

When an MBean is registered or unregistered in the MBean server a MBeanServerNotification Notification is emitted. To register an object as listener to MBeanServerNotifications you should call the MBean server method addNotificationListener with ObjectName the ObjectName of the MBeanServerDelegate. This ObjectName is:

An object obtained from the createMBeanServer or newMBeanServer methods of the MBeanServerFactory class applies security checks to its methods, as follows.

First, if there is no security manager (System.getSecurityManager() is null), then an implementation of this interface is free not to make any checks.

Assuming that there is a security manager, or that the implementation chooses to make checks anyway, the checks are made as detailed below. In what follows, and unless otherwise specified, className is the string returned by MBeanInfo.getClassName() for the target MBean.

If a security check fails, the method throws SecurityException.

For methods that can throw InstanceNotFoundException, this exception is thrown for a non-existent MBean, regardless of permissions. This is because a non-existent MBean has no className.