Module java.desktop

Class WrappedPlainView

All Implemented Interfaces:
SwingConstants, TabExpander

public class WrappedPlainView extends BoxView implements TabExpander
View of plain text (text with only one font and color) that does line-wrapping. This view expects that its associated element has child elements that represent the lines it should be wrapping. It is implemented as a vertical box that contains logical line views. The logical line views are nested classes that render the logical line as multiple physical line if the logical line is too wide to fit within the allocation. The line views draw upon the outer class for its state to reduce their memory requirements.

The line views do all of their rendering through the drawLine method which in turn does all of its rendering through the drawSelectedText and drawUnselectedText methods. This enables subclasses to easily specialize the rendering without concern for the layout aspects.

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