Module java.sql
Package javax.sql

Interface PooledConnectionBuilder

public interface PooledConnectionBuilder
A builder created from a ConnectionPoolDataSource object, used to establish a connection to the database that the data source object represents. The connection properties that were specified for the data source are used as the default values by the PooledConnectionBuilder.

The following example illustrates the use of PooledConnectionBuilder to create a XAConnection:

     ConnectionPoolDataSource ds = new MyConnectionPoolDataSource();
     ShardingKey superShardingKey = ds.createShardingKeyBuilder()
                           .subkey("EASTERN_REGION", JDBCType.VARCHAR)
     ShardingKey shardingKey = ds.createShardingKeyBuilder()
                           .subkey("PITTSBURGH_BRANCH", JDBCType.VARCHAR)
     PooledConnection con = ds.createPooledConnectionBuilder()