Interface XmlWriter

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    public interface XmlWriter
    extends RowSetWriter
    A specialized interface that facilitates an extension of the SyncProvider abstract class for XML orientated synchronization providers.

    SyncProvider implementations that supply XML data writer capabilities such as output XML stream capabilities can implement this interface to provide standard XmlWriter objects to WebRowSet implementations.

    Writing a WebRowSet object includes printing the rowset's data, metadata, and properties, all with the appropriate XML tags.

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      • writeXML

        void writeXML​(WebRowSet caller,
                      Writer writer)
               throws SQLException
        Writes the given WebRowSet object to the specified output stream as an XML document. This document includes the rowset's data, metadata, and properties plus the appropriate XML tags.

        The caller parameter must be a WebRowSet object whose XmlWriter field contains a reference to this XmlWriter object.

        caller - the WebRowSet instance to be written, for which this XmlWriter object is the writer
        writer - the object that serves as the output stream for writing caller as an XML document
        SQLException - if a database access error occurs or this XmlWriter object is not the writer for the given WebRowSet object