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@@ -172,13 +172,15 @@
                                                bool in_imethod_resolve, TRAPS);
   static methodHandle lookup_method_in_interfaces(const LinkInfo& link_info, TRAPS);
   static methodHandle lookup_polymorphic_method(const LinkInfo& link_info,
                                                 Handle *appendix_result_or_null,
                                                 Handle *method_type_result, TRAPS);
+ JVMCI_ONLY(public:) // Needed for CompilerToVM.resolveMethod()
   // Not Linktime so doesn't take LinkInfo
   static methodHandle lookup_instance_method_in_klasses (
                                        KlassHandle klass, Symbol* name, Symbol* signature, TRAPS);
+ JVMCI_ONLY(private:)
   // Similar loader constraint checking functions that throw
   // LinkageError with descriptive message.
   static void check_method_loader_constraints(const LinkInfo& link_info,
                                               const methodHandle& resolved_method,
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