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rev 12504 : 8166944: Hanging Error Reporting steps may lead to torn error logs.
Reviewed-by: cjplummer, dholmes
Summary: Interupt error reporting if reporting steps hang to enable subsequent reporting steps to run.
rev 12505 : [mq]: 8166944-Hanging-Error-Reporting-04

@@ -384,11 +384,11 @@
   // TestUnresponsiveErrorHandler: We want to test both step timeouts and global timeout.
   // Step to global timeout ratio is 4:1, so in order to be absolutely sure we hit the
-  // global timeout, lets execute the timeout step five times.
+  // global timeout, let's execute the timeout step five times.
   // See corresponding test in test/runtime/ErrorHandling/TimeoutInErrorHandlingTest.java
   #define TIMEOUT_TEST_STEP STEP("test unresponsive error reporting step") \
     if (_verbose && TestUnresponsiveErrorHandler) { os::infinite_sleep(); }
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