Stuart W. Marks

(I presented this at the OpenJDK Committers' Workshop on 2 Aug 2018. These are really rough notes, and they might not be intelligible if you weren't at the presentation. But it should serve as a starting point for discussion.)

For Developers

For Reviewers: Process, Mechanical, and Editorial

For Reviewers: Semantics

Code Review Scenario

Consider the following code review request.

[12] RFR(xs): 8901234: Foo.getBar() throws NullPointerException

  public class Foo {
       static Bar bar;
       /* constructors, setters, and other initialization code for bar */
       static Bar getBar() {
 -         return bar.makeCopy()
 +         return (bar == null) ? null : bar.makeCopy();

One possible review:

"Looks good to me."

Potential review questions: