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@@ -78,11 +78,11 @@
  * number of desired copies and uses the {@code Copies} instance as part of the
  * print request. In this case, the {@code Copies} class represents the
  * attribute category, and the {@code Copies} instance represents the attribute
  * value.
- * <h4><a name="role"></a>Attribute Roles</h4>
+ * <h4><a id="role"></a>Attribute Roles</h4>
  * When submitting a print job to a printer, the client provides the attributes
  * describing the characteristics of the print data, such as the document name,
  * and how the print data should be printed, such as double-sided, five copies.
  * If a print job consists of multiple pieces of print data, different pieces
  * might have different processing instructions, such as 8 x 11 inch media for
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