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class:PrintServiceAttributeEvent [NONE]

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    public class PrintServiceAttributeEvent
    extends PrintEvent
    Class PrintServiceAttributeEvent encapsulates an event a Print Service instance reports to let the client know of changes in the print service state.
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    Serialized Form

constructor:PrintServiceAttributeEvent(javax.print.PrintService, javax.print.attribute.PrintServiceAttributeSet) [NONE]

  • PrintServiceAttributeEvent

    public PrintServiceAttributeEvent​(PrintService source,
                                      PrintServiceAttributeSet attributes)
    Constructs a PrintServiceAttributeEvent object.
    source - the print job generating this event
    attributes - the attribute changes being reported
    IllegalArgumentException - if source is null.

method:getPrintService() [NONE]

  • getPrintService

    public PrintService getPrintService​()
    Returns the print service.
    Print Service object.

method:getAttributes() [NONE]

  • getAttributes

    public PrintServiceAttributeSet getAttributes​()
    Determine the printing service attributes that changed and their new values.
    Attributes containing the new values for the service attributes that changed. The returned set may be unmodifiable.