Module java.desktop
Package java.awt

Class List.AccessibleAWTList

    • Constructor Detail

      • AccessibleAWTList

        public AccessibleAWTList​()
        Constructs new AccessibleAWTList
    • Method Detail

      • itemStateChanged

        public void itemStateChanged​(ItemEvent event)
        Description copied from interface: ItemListener
        Invoked when an item has been selected or deselected by the user. The code written for this method performs the operations that need to occur when an item is selected (or deselected).
        Specified by:
        itemStateChanged in interface ItemListener
        event - the event to be processed
      • getAccessibleChildrenCount

        public int getAccessibleChildrenCount​()
        Returns the number of accessible children in the object. If all of the children of this object implement Accessible, than this method should return the number of children of this object.
        getAccessibleChildrenCount in class Component.AccessibleAWTComponent
        the number of accessible children in the object.
      • getAccessibleSelection

        public AccessibleSelection getAccessibleSelection​()
        Get the AccessibleSelection associated with this object. In the implementation of the Java Accessibility API for this class, return this object, which is responsible for implementing the AccessibleSelection interface on behalf of itself.
        getAccessibleSelection in class AccessibleContext
        this object
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      • getAccessibleSelectionCount

        public int getAccessibleSelectionCount​()
        Returns the number of items currently selected. If no items are selected, the return value will be 0.
        Specified by:
        getAccessibleSelectionCount in interface AccessibleSelection
        the number of items currently selected.
      • getAccessibleSelection

        public Accessible getAccessibleSelection​(int i)
        Returns an Accessible representing the specified selected item in the object. If there isn't a selection, or there are fewer items selected than the integer passed in, the return value will be null.
        Specified by:
        getAccessibleSelection in interface AccessibleSelection
        i - the zero-based index of selected items
        an Accessible containing the selected item
        See Also:
      • addAccessibleSelection

        public void addAccessibleSelection​(int i)
        Adds the specified selected item in the object to the object's selection. If the object supports multiple selections, the specified item is added to any existing selection, otherwise it replaces any existing selection in the object. If the specified item is already selected, this method has no effect.
        Specified by:
        addAccessibleSelection in interface AccessibleSelection
        i - the zero-based index of selectable items
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      • clearAccessibleSelection

        public void clearAccessibleSelection​()
        Clears the selection in the object, so that nothing in the object is selected.
        Specified by:
        clearAccessibleSelection in interface AccessibleSelection
      • selectAllAccessibleSelection

        public void selectAllAccessibleSelection​()
        Causes every selected item in the object to be selected if the object supports multiple selections.
        Specified by:
        selectAllAccessibleSelection in interface AccessibleSelection