Module java.desktop
Package java.awt.dnd

Interface DragGestureListener

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    public interface DragGestureListener
    extends EventListener
    The listener interface for receiving drag gesture events. This interface is intended for a drag gesture recognition implementation. See a specification for DragGestureRecognizer for details on how to register the listener interface. Upon recognition of a drag gesture the DragGestureRecognizer calls this interface's dragGestureRecognized() method and passes a DragGestureEvent.
    See Also:
    DragGestureRecognizer, DragGestureEvent, DragSource
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      • dragGestureRecognized

        void dragGestureRecognized​(DragGestureEvent dge)
        This method is invoked by the DragGestureRecognizer when the DragGestureRecognizer detects a platform-dependent drag initiating gesture. To initiate the drag and drop operation, if appropriate, startDrag() method on the DragGestureEvent has to be invoked.
        dge - the DragGestureEvent describing the gesture that has just occurred
        See Also:
        DragGestureRecognizer, DragGestureEvent