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rev 7695 : 8069273: Reduce Hot Card Cache Lock contention
Reviewed-by: tschatzl

@@ -120,11 +120,10 @@
 extern Monitor* SecondaryFreeList_lock;          // protects the secondary free region list
 extern Mutex*   OldSets_lock;                    // protects the old region sets
 extern Monitor* RootRegionScan_lock;             // used to notify that the CM threads have finished scanning the IM snapshot regions
 extern Mutex*   MMUTracker_lock;                 // protects the MMU
                                                  // tracker data structures
-extern Mutex*   HotCardCache_lock;               // protects the hot card cache
 extern Mutex*   Management_lock;                 // a lock used to serialize JVM management
 extern Monitor* Service_lock;                    // a lock used for service thread operation
 extern Monitor* PeriodicTask_lock;               // protects the periodic task structure
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