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rev 7654 : 8054494: Remove sun.misc.Unsafe.monitorEnter, monitorExit and tryMonitorEnter
Reviewed-by: dholmes
Contributed-by: paul.sandoz@oracle.com, filipp.zhinkin@gmail.com

*** 63,73 **** static void slow_exit(oop obj, BasicLock* lock, Thread* THREAD); // Used only to handle jni locks or other unmatched monitor enter/exit // Internally they will use heavy weight monitor. static void jni_enter(Handle obj, TRAPS); - static bool jni_try_enter(Handle obj, Thread* THREAD); // Implements Unsafe.tryMonitorEnter static void jni_exit(oop obj, Thread* THREAD); // Handle all interpreter, compiler and jni cases static int wait(Handle obj, jlong millis, TRAPS); static void notify(Handle obj, TRAPS); --- 63,72 ----
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