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  * instruction, the client collects the attributes into an attribute set, which
  * the Java Print Service API represents with the
  * <a href="AttributeSet.html">AttributeSet</a> interface.
  * <p>
  * The {@code AttributeSet} interface is similar to the
- * <a href="../../../java/util/Map.html">Map</a> interface: it provides a map of
+ * <a href="../../../../java.base/java/util/Map.html">Map</a> interface: it provides a map of
  * key to values, in which each key is unique and can contain no more than one
  * value. However, the {@code AttributeSet} interface is designed to
  * specifically support the needs of the Java Print Service API. An
  * {@code AttributeSet} requires that:
  * <ol type=1>
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