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  *   <a href="http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2046.txt">RFC 2046</a>) that specifies
  *   how the print data is to be interpreted. The charset of text data should be
  *   the IANA MIME-preferred name, or its canonical name if no preferred name is
  *   specified. Additionally a few historical names supported by earlier
  *   versions of the Java platform may be recognized. See
- *   <a href="../../java/lang/package-summary.html#charenc">character encodings
+ *   <a href="../../../java.base/java/lang/package-summary.html#charenc">character encodings
  *   </a> for more information on the character encodings supported on the Java
  *   platform.
  *   <li><b>Representation class name.</b> This specifies the fully-qualified
  *   name of the class of the object from which the actual print data comes, as
  *   returned by the {@link Class#getName() Class.getName()} method. (Thus the
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