Module java.base
Package java.util.spi

Class CalendarNameProvider


public abstract class CalendarNameProvider extends LocaleServiceProvider
An abstract class for service providers that provide localized string representations (display names) of Calendar field values.

Calendar Types

Calendar types are used to specify calendar systems for which the getDisplayName and getDisplayNames methods provide calendar field value names. See Calendar.getCalendarType() for details.

Calendar Fields

Calendar fields are specified with the constants defined in Calendar. The following are calendar-common fields and their values to be supported for each calendar system.

Field values
Field Value Description
Calendar.MONTH Calendar.JANUARY to Calendar.UNDECIMBER Month numbering is 0-based (e.g., 0 - January, ..., 11 - December). Some calendar systems have 13 months. Month names need to be supported in both the formatting and stand-alone forms if required by the supported locales. If there's no distinction in the two forms, the same names should be returned in both of the forms.
Calendar.DAY_OF_WEEK Calendar.SUNDAY to Calendar.SATURDAY Day-of-week numbering is 1-based starting from Sunday (i.e., 1 - Sunday, ..., 7 - Saturday).
Calendar.AM_PM Calendar.AM to Calendar.PM 0 - AM, 1 - PM

The following are calendar-specific fields and their values to be supported.

Calendar type and field values
Calendar Type Field Value Description
"gregory" Calendar.ERA 0 GregorianCalendar.BC (BCE)
1 GregorianCalendar.AD (CE)
"buddhist" Calendar.ERA 0 BC (BCE)
1 B.E. (Buddhist Era)
"japanese" Calendar.ERA 0 Seireki (Before Meiji)
1 Meiji
2 Taisho
3 Showa
4 Heisei
5 Reiwa
Calendar.YEAR 1 the first year in each era. It should be returned when a long style (Calendar.LONG_FORMAT or Calendar.LONG_STANDALONE) is specified. See also the Year representation in SimpleDateFormat.
"roc" Calendar.ERA 0 Before R.O.C.
1 R.O.C.
"islamic" Calendar.ERA 0 Before AH
1 Anno Hijrah (AH)

Calendar field value names for "gregory" must be consistent with the date-time symbols provided by DateFormatSymbolsProvider.

Time zone names are supported by TimeZoneNameProvider.

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