List of CRs fixed for JDK modularization

6769976  (fc) FileChannelImpl.isAMappedBufferField not used
6798873  Reduce the number of classes loaded and class dependencies
6799230  Lazily load java.lang.annotation.Annotation class
6799689  Make sun.misc.FloatingDecimal.hexFloatPattern static field initialized lazily
6810254  Lazily instantiate the shared secret access objects
6813240  Remove dead code in sun.misc.FormattedFloatingDecimal class
6817246  Redundant call to set InetAddressCachePolicy to FOREVER if not set during initialization
6819110  Lazily load Sun digest provider for jar verification
6819122  DefaultProxySelector should lazily initialize the Pattern object and the NonProxyInfo objects
6824169  Need to remove some AWT class dependencies
6840246  Lightweight implementation of String.split for simple use case
6844054  (bf) Eliminate dependency on
6852108  Remove Preferences dependance from SocksSocketImpl
6854954  Eliminate static dependency on java.awt.AWTPermission
6876135  Eliminate logging's dependency on the management API
6876158  Remove dependencies on Signer, Certificate, Identity, IdentityScope classes from pkg
6879044  Eliminate the dependency on logging from the AWT/2D/Swing classes
6882376  Add internal support for JRE implementation to eliminate the dependency on logging
6882384  Update http protocol handler to use PlatformLogger
6882594  Remove static dependancy on NTLM authentication
6882609  Move default InMemoryCookieStore to
6882654  Remove dependency on java.util.concurrent from KeepAlive implementaion
6883983  JarVerifier dependency on should be removed
6889552  Sun provider should not require LDAP CertStore to be present
6890458  Datatransfer API should not require RMI to be present
6891707  Eliminate the dependency on PolicyFile
6893238  Move NTLM and SPNEGO implementations into separate packages
6894169  Move HttpLogFormatter into a separate package
6894534  SeedGenerator shouldn't require java.nio.file to be present
6894633  NetHooks should not require provider to be present (sol)
6895456  Eliminate dependency on during boot
6898124  Bidi should not require AWT to be present
6899147  java.beans.MetaData should not require JDBC to be present
6899607  Update java.util.prefs.FileSystemPreferences to use PlatformLogger
6899851  Regression causes new dependency to jkernel
6903638  Remove dependency on AuthPermission from SecurityConstants
6909002  Remove indicim.jar and thaiim.jar from JRE and move to samples if needed
6941859 not installed in jdk-module-image
6951599  Rename package of security tools for modularization
6951661  Eliminate jvmstat dependency on
6953295  Move few{util, x509, pkcs} classes used by keytool/jarsigner to another package
7041778  (sctp) Move SCTP implementation out of and into its own package
7048466  Move sun.misc.JavaxSecurityAuthKerberosAccess to package
7090289  Eliminate static dependency from usage tracker on