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8198481: Coding style cleanups for src/java.base/share/classes/jdk/internal/loader/ClassLoaders.java
Reviewed-by: mchung, alanb

@@ -89,23 +89,22 @@
  * found in the parent then it searches the class path. The main difference
  * between this and the usual delegation model is that it allows the platform
  * class loader to delegate to the application class loader, important with
  * upgraded modules defined to the platform class loader.
 public class BuiltinClassLoader
     extends SecureClassLoader
     static {
         if (!ClassLoader.registerAsParallelCapable())
             throw new InternalError("Unable to register as parallel capable");
-    // parent ClassLoader
+    /** parent ClassLoader */
     private final BuiltinClassLoader parent;
-    // the URL class path or null if there is no class path
+    /** the URL class path, or null if there is no class path */
     private final URLClassPath ucp;
      * A module defined/loaded by a built-in class loader.
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