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8196341: Add JFR events for parallel phases of G1
 #include "gc/shared/referenceProcessorPhaseTimes.hpp"
 #include "gc/shared/weakProcessorPhaseTimes.hpp"
+#include "jfr/jfrEvents.hpp"
 #include "logging/logLevel.hpp"
 #include "memory/allocation.hpp"
 #include "utilities/macros.hpp"
 class LineBuffer;

@@ -188,10 +189,11 public: G1GCPhaseTimes(STWGCTimer* gc_timer, uint max_gc_threads); void note_gc_start(); void print(); + static const char* phase_name(GCParPhases phase); // record the time a phase took in seconds void record_time_secs(GCParPhases phase, uint worker_i, double secs); // add a number of seconds to a phase
@@ -383,10 +385,11 protected: Ticks _start_time; G1GCPhaseTimes::GCParPhases _phase; G1GCPhaseTimes* _phase_times; uint _worker_id; + EventGCPhaseParallel _event; public: G1GCParPhaseTimesTracker(G1GCPhaseTimes* phase_times, G1GCPhaseTimes::GCParPhases phase, uint worker_id); virtual ~G1GCParPhaseTimesTracker(); };
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