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rev 7993 : [mq]: fix

@@ -352,22 +352,22 @@
   return is_obj_ill(obj, heap_region_containing(obj));
 inline void G1CollectedHeap::set_humongous_is_live(oop obj) {
   uint region = addr_to_region((HeapWord*)obj);
-  // We not only set the "live" flag in the humongous_is_live table, but also
+  // Clear the flag in the humongous_reclaim_candidates table.  Also
   // reset the entry in the _in_cset_fast_test table so that subsequent references
   // to the same humongous object do not go into the slow path again.
   // This is racy, as multiple threads may at the same time enter here, but this
   // is benign.
-  // During collection we only ever set the "live" flag, and only ever clear the
+  // During collection we only ever clear the "candidate" flag, and only ever clear the
   // entry in the in_cset_fast_table.
   // We only ever evaluate the contents of these tables (in the VM thread) after
   // having synchronized the worker threads with the VM thread, or in the same
   // thread (i.e. within the VM thread).
-  if (!_humongous_is_live.is_live(region)) {
-    _humongous_is_live.set_live(region);
+  if (is_humongous_reclaim_candidate(region)) {
+    remove_humongous_reclaim_candidate(region);
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