Module jdk.jshell
Package jdk.jshell

Interface SourceCodeAnalysis.SnippetWrapper

Enclosing class:

public static interface SourceCodeAnalysis.SnippetWrapper
The wrapping of a snippet of Java source into valid top-level Java source. The wrapping will always either be an import or include a synthetic class at the top-level. If a synthetic class is generated, it will be proceeded by the package and import declarations, and may contain synthetic class members.

This interface, in addition to the mapped form, provides the context and position mapping information.

  • Method Details

    • source

      String source()
      Returns the input that is wrapped. For wrappers(String), this is the source of the snippet within the input. A variable declaration of N variables will map to N wrappers with the source separated.

      For wrapper(Snippet), this is Snippet.source().

      the input source corresponding to the wrapper.
    • wrapped

      String wrapped()
      Returns a Java class definition that wraps the source() or, if an import, the import source.

      If the input is not a valid Snippet, this will not be a valid class/import definition.

      The source may be divided and mapped to different locations within the wrapped source.

      the source wrapped into top-level Java code
    • fullClassName

      String fullClassName()
      Returns the fully qualified class name of the wrapped() class. For erroneous input, a best guess is returned.
      the name of the synthetic wrapped class; if an import, the name is not defined
    • kind

      Snippet.Kind kind()
      Returns the Snippet.Kind of the source().
      an enum representing the general kind of snippet.
    • sourceToWrappedPosition

      int sourceToWrappedPosition(int pos)
      Maps character position within the source to character position within the wrapped.
      pos - the position in source()
      the corresponding position in wrapped()
    • wrappedToSourcePosition

      int wrappedToSourcePosition(int pos)
      Maps character position within the wrapped to character position within the source.
      pos - the position in wrapped()
      the corresponding position in source()