Module jdk.compiler

Interface DocTree

All Known Subinterfaces:
AttributeTree, AuthorTree, BlockTagTree, CommentTree, DeprecatedTree, DocCommentTree, DocRootTree, DocTypeTree, EndElementTree, EntityTree, ErroneousTree, EscapeTree, HiddenTree, IdentifierTree, IndexTree, InheritDocTree, InlineTagTree, LinkTree, LiteralTree, ParamTree, ProvidesTree, ReferenceTree, ReturnTree, SeeTree, SerialDataTree, SerialFieldTree, SerialTree, SinceTree, SnippetTree, SpecTree, StartElementTree, SummaryTree, SystemPropertyTree, TextTree, ThrowsTree, UnknownBlockTagTree, UnknownInlineTagTree, UsesTree, ValueTree, VersionTree

public interface DocTree
Common interface for all nodes in a documentation syntax tree.
  • Nested Class Summary

    Nested Classes
    Modifier and Type
    static enum 
    Enumerates all kinds of trees.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    <R, D> R
    accept(DocTreeVisitor<R,D> visitor, D data)
    Accept method used to implement the visitor pattern.
    Returns the kind of this tree.
  • Method Details

    • getKind

      DocTree.Kind getKind()
      Returns the kind of this tree.
      the kind of this tree
    • accept

      <R, D> R accept(DocTreeVisitor<R,D> visitor, D data)
      Accept method used to implement the visitor pattern. The visitor pattern is used to implement operations on trees.
      Type Parameters:
      R - the result type of this operation
      D - the type of additional data
      visitor - the visitor to be called
      data - a parameter value to be passed to the visitor method
      the value returned from the visitor method