Module jdk.jshell
Package jdk.jshell

Class SnippetEvent


public class SnippetEvent
extends Object
A description of a change to a Snippet. These are generated by direct changes to state with JShell.eval(String) or JShell.drop(Snippet), or indirectly by these same methods as dependencies change or Snippets are overwritten. For direct changes, the causeSnippet() is null.

SnippetEvent is immutable: an access to any of its methods will always return the same result. and thus is thread-safe.

  • Method Details

    • snippet

      public Snippet snippet()
      The Snippet which has changed
      the return the Snippet whose Status has changed.
    • previousStatus

      public Snippet.Status previousStatus()
      The status before the transition. If this event describes a Snippet creation return NONEXISTENT.
      the previousStatus
    • status

      public Snippet.Status status()
      The after status. Note: this may be the same as the previous status (not all changes cause a Status change.
      the status
    • isSignatureChange

      public boolean isSignatureChange()
      Indicates whether the signature has changed. Coming in or out of definition is always a signature change. An overwritten Snippet (status == OVERWRITTEN) is always false as responsibility for the definition has passed to the overwriting definition.
      true if the signature changed; otherwise false
    • causeSnippet

      public Snippet causeSnippet()
      Either the snippet whose change caused this update or null. This returns null if this change is the creation of a new Snippet via eval or it is the explicit drop of a Snippet with drop.
      the Snippet which caused this change or null if directly caused by an API action.
    • exception

      public JShellException exception()
      An instance of UnresolvedReferenceException, if an unresolved reference was encountered, or an instance of EvalException if an exception was thrown during execution, otherwise null.
      the exception or null.
    • value

      public String value()
      The result value of successful run. The value is null if not executed or an exception was thrown.
      the value or null.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      Return a string representation of the event
      toString in class Object
      a descriptive representation of the SnippetEvent