Module jdk.jdi

Interface VMDeathEvent

All Superinterfaces:
Event, Mirror

public interface VMDeathEvent
extends Event
Notification of target VM termination. This event occurs if the target VM terminates before the VM disconnects (VMDisconnectEvent). Thus, this event will NOT occur if external forces terminate the connection (e.g. a crash) or if the connection is intentionally terminated with VirtualMachine.dispose()

On VM termination, a single unsolicited VMDeathEvent will always be sent with a suspend policy of SUSPEND_NONE. Additional VMDeathEvents will be sent in the same event set if they are requested with a VMDeathRequest.

The VM is still intact and can be queried at the point this event was initiated but immediately thereafter it is not considered intact and cannot be queried. Note: If the enclosing EventSet has a suspend policy other than SUSPEND_ALL the initiating point may be long past.

All VMDeathEvents will be in a single EventSet, no other events will be in the event set. A resume must occur to continue execution after any event set which performs suspensions - in this case to allow proper shutdown.

See Also:
VMDisconnectEvent, EventRequestManager.createVMDeathRequest(), VMDeathRequest, EventQueue, VirtualMachine