Module jdk.jdi
Package com.sun.jdi

Interface Type

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
ArrayType, BooleanType, ByteType, CharType, ClassType, DoubleType, FloatType, IntegerType, InterfaceType, LongType, PrimitiveType, ReferenceType, ShortType, VoidType

public interface Type
extends Mirror
The mirror for a type in the target VM. This interface is the root of a type hierarchy encompassing primitive types and reference types.

A Type may be used to represent a run-time type:

or a compile-time type:

The following tables illustrate which subinterfaces of Type are used to mirror types in the target VM --

Subinterfaces of PrimitiveType
Type declared in target as Is mirrored as an instance of
boolean BooleanType
byte ByteType
char CharType
double DoubleType
float FloatType
int IntegerType
long LongType
short ShortType
void VoidType
Subinterfaces of ReferenceType
Type declared in target as For example Is mirrored as an instance of
a class Date ClassType
an interface Runnable InterfaceType
an array (any) ArrayType
int[] ArrayType whose componentType() is IntegerType
Date[] ArrayType whose componentType() is ClassType
Runnable[] ArrayType whose componentType() is InterfaceType
See Also:
Subinterface PrimitiveType, Subinterface ReferenceType, Value - for relationship between Type and Value, Field.type() - for usage examples
  • Method Details

    • signature

      String signature()
      Returns the JNI-style signature for this type.

      For primitive classes the returned signature is the signature of the corresponding primitive type; for example, "I" is returned as the signature of the class represented by Integer.TYPE.

      the string containing the type signature.
      See Also:
      Type Signatures
    • name

      String name()
      a text representation of this type.