Class TerminalFactorySpi


public abstract class TerminalFactorySpi
extends Object
The TerminalFactorySpi class defines the service provider interface. Applications do not access this class directly, instead see TerminalFactory.

Service providers that want to write a new implementation should define a concrete subclass of TerminalFactorySpi with a constructor that takes an Object as parameter. That class needs to be registered in a Provider. The engine type is TerminalFactory. Service providers also need to implement subclasses of the abstract classes CardTerminals, CardTerminal, Card, and CardChannel.

For example:


 package com.somedomain.card;


 public class MyProvider extends Provider {
     public MyProvider() {
         super("MyProvider", 1.0d, "Smart Card Example");
         put("TerminalFactory.MyType", "com.somedomain.card.MySpi");


 package com.somedomain.card;

 import javax.smartcardio.*;

 public class MySpi extends TerminalFactoySpi {
      public MySpi(Object parameter) {
          // initialize as appropriate
      protected CardTerminals engineTerminals() {
          // add implementation code here
See Also:
TerminalFactory, Provider
  • Constructor Details

    • TerminalFactorySpi

      protected TerminalFactorySpi()
      Constructs a new TerminalFactorySpi object.

      This class is part of the service provider interface and not accessed directly by applications. Applications should use TerminalFactory objects, which can be obtained by calling one of the TerminalFactory.getInstance() methods.

      Concrete subclasses should define a constructor that takes an Object as parameter. It will be invoked when an application calls one of the TerminalFactory.getInstance() methods and receives the params object specified by the application.

  • Method Details

    • engineTerminals

      protected abstract CardTerminals engineTerminals()
      Returns the CardTerminals created by this factory.
      the CardTerminals created by this factory.