Interface VariableElement

All Superinterfaces:
AnnotatedConstruct, Element

public interface VariableElement
extends Element
Represents a field, enum constant, method or constructor parameter, local variable, resource variable, or exception parameter.
  • Method Details

    • asType

      TypeMirror asType()
      Returns the type of this variable. Note that the types of variables range over many kinds of types, including primitive types, declared types, and array types, among others.
      Specified by:
      asType in interface Element
      the type of this variable
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    • getConstantValue

      Object getConstantValue()
      Returns the value of this variable if this is a final field initialized to a compile-time constant. Returns null otherwise. The value will be of a primitive type or a String. If the value is of a primitive type, it is wrapped in the appropriate wrapper class (such as Integer).

      Note that not all final fields will have constant values. In particular, enum constants are not considered to be compile-time constants. To have a constant value, a field's type must be either a primitive type or String.

      the value of this variable if this is a final field initialized to a compile-time constant, or null otherwise
      See Java Language Specification:
      15.28 Constant Expression
      4.12.4 final Variables
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    • getSimpleName

      Name getSimpleName()
      Returns the simple name of this variable element.

      For method and constructor parameters, the name of each parameter must be distinct from the names of all other parameters of the same executable. If the original source names are not available, an implementation may synthesize names subject to the distinctness requirement above.

      Specified by:
      getSimpleName in interface Element
      the simple name of this variable element
      See Also:
      PackageElement.getSimpleName(), ExecutableElement.getSimpleName(), TypeElement.getSimpleName(), getSimpleName(), ModuleElement.getSimpleName(), RecordComponentElement.getSimpleName()
    • getEnclosingElement

      Element getEnclosingElement()
      Returns the enclosing element of this variable. The enclosing element of a method or constructor parameter is the executable declaring the parameter.
      Specified by:
      getEnclosingElement in interface Element
      the enclosing element of this variable
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