Module java.desktop

Interface TreeCellEditor

    • Method Detail

      • getTreeCellEditorComponent

        Component getTreeCellEditorComponent​(JTree tree,
                                             Object value,
                                             boolean isSelected,
                                             boolean expanded,
                                             boolean leaf,
                                             int row)
        Sets an initial value for the editor. This will cause the editor to stopEditing and lose any partially edited value if the editor is editing when this method is called.

        Returns the component that should be added to the client's Component hierarchy. Once installed in the client's hierarchy this component will then be able to draw and receive user input.

        tree - the JTree that is asking the editor to edit; this parameter can be null
        value - the value of the cell to be edited
        isSelected - true if the cell is to be rendered with selection highlighting
        expanded - true if the node is expanded
        leaf - true if the node is a leaf node
        row - the row index of the node being edited
        the component for editing