Module java.desktop
Package javax.swing

Interface JComboBox.KeySelectionManager

  • Enclosing class:

    public static interface JComboBox.KeySelectionManager
    The interface that defines a KeySelectionManager. To qualify as a KeySelectionManager, the class needs to implement the method that identifies the list index given a character and the combo box data model.
    • Method Detail

      • selectionForKey

        int selectionForKey​(char aKey,
                            ComboBoxModel<?> aModel)
        Given aKey and the model, returns the row that should become selected. Return -1 if no match was found.
        aKey - a char value, usually indicating a keyboard key that was pressed
        aModel - a ComboBoxModel -- the component's data model, containing the list of selectable items
        an int equal to the selected row, where 0 is the first item and -1 is none.