Module java.xml

Class XMLOutputFactory


public abstract class XMLOutputFactory extends Object
Defines an abstract implementation of a factory for getting XMLEventWriters and XMLStreamWriters. The following table defines the standard properties of this specification. Each property varies in the level of support required by each implementation. The level of support required is described in the 'Required' column.
Configuration Parameters
Property Name Behavior Return type Default Value Required prefixes on the output sideBooleanFalseYes

The following paragraphs describe the namespace and prefix repair algorithm:

The property can be set with the following code line: setProperty("", Boolean.TRUE);

This property specifies that the writer default namespace prefix declarations. The default value is false.

If a writer isRepairingNamespaces it will create a namespace declaration on the current StartElement for any attribute that does not currently have a namespace declaration in scope. If the StartElement has a uri but no prefix specified a prefix will be assigned, if the prefix has not been declared in a parent of the current StartElement it will be declared on the current StartElement. If the defaultNamespace is bound and in scope and the default namespace matches the URI of the attribute or StartElement QName no prefix will be assigned.

If an element or attribute name has a prefix, but is not bound to any namespace URI, then the prefix will be removed during serialization.

If element and/or attribute names in the same start or empty-element tag are bound to different namespace URIs and are using the same prefix then the element or the first occurring attribute retains the original prefix and the following attributes have their prefixes replaced with a new prefix that is bound to the namespace URIs of those attributes.

If an element or attribute name uses a prefix that is bound to a different URI than that inherited from the namespace context of the parent of that element and there is no namespace declaration in the context of the current element then such a namespace declaration is added.

If an element or attribute name is bound to a prefix and there is a namespace declaration that binds that prefix to a different URI then that namespace declaration is either removed if the correct mapping is inherited from the parent context of that element, or changed to the namespace URI of the element or attribute using that prefix.

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