Module java.naming
Package javax.naming

Class NamingException

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
AttributeInUseException, AttributeModificationException, CannotProceedException, CommunicationException, ConfigurationException, ContextNotEmptyException, InsufficientResourcesException, InterruptedNamingException, InvalidAttributeIdentifierException, InvalidAttributesException, InvalidAttributeValueException, InvalidNameException, InvalidSearchControlsException, InvalidSearchFilterException, LimitExceededException, LinkException, NameAlreadyBoundException, NameNotFoundException, NamingSecurityException, NoInitialContextException, NoSuchAttributeException, NotContextException, OperationNotSupportedException, PartialResultException, ReferralException, SchemaViolationException, ServiceUnavailableException

public class NamingException extends Exception
This is the superclass of all exceptions thrown by operations in the Context and DirContext interfaces. The nature of the failure is described by the name of the subclass. This exception captures the information pinpointing where the operation failed, such as where resolution last proceeded to.
  • Resolved Name. Portion of name that has been resolved.
  • Resolved Object. Object to which resolution of name proceeded.
  • Remaining Name. Portion of name that has not been resolved.
  • Explanation. Detail explaining why name resolution failed.
  • Root Exception. The exception that caused this naming exception to be thrown.
null is an acceptable value for any of these fields. When null, it means that no such information has been recorded for that field.

A NamingException instance is not synchronized against concurrent multithreaded access. Multiple threads trying to access and modify a single NamingException instance should lock the object.

This exception has been retrofitted to conform to the general purpose exception-chaining mechanism. The root exception (or root cause) is the same object as the cause returned by the Throwable.getCause() method.

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