Module java.naming
Package javax.naming

Interface NamingEnumeration<T>

Type Parameters:
T - the type of elements returned by this enumeration
All Superinterfaces:

public interface NamingEnumeration<T> extends Enumeration<T>
This interface is for enumerating lists returned by methods in the javax.naming and packages. It extends Enumeration to allow as exceptions to be thrown during the enumeration.

When a method such as list(), listBindings(), or search() returns a NamingEnumeration, any exceptions encountered are reserved until all results have been returned. At the end of the enumeration, the exception is thrown (by hasMore());

For example, if the list() is returning only a partial answer, the corresponding exception would be PartialResultException. list() would first return a NamingEnumeration. When the last of the results has been returned by the NamingEnumeration's next(), invoking hasMore() would result in PartialResultException being thrown.

In another example, if a search() method was invoked with a specified size limit of 'n'. If the answer consists of more than 'n' results, search() would first return a NamingEnumeration. When the n'th result has been returned by invoking next() on the NamingEnumeration, a SizeLimitExceedException would then thrown when hasMore() is invoked.

Note that if the program uses hasMoreElements() and nextElement() instead to iterate through the NamingEnumeration, because these methods cannot throw exceptions, no exception will be thrown. Instead, in the previous example, after the n'th result has been returned by nextElement(), invoking hasMoreElements() would return false.

Note also that NoSuchElementException is thrown if the program invokes next() or nextElement() when there are no elements left in the enumeration. The program can always avoid this exception by using hasMore() and hasMoreElements() to check whether the end of the enumeration has been reached.

If an exception is thrown during an enumeration, the enumeration becomes invalid. Subsequent invocation of any method on that enumeration will yield undefined results.

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