Module java.logging

Class LogRecord

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class LogRecord extends Object implements Serializable
LogRecord objects are used to pass logging requests between the logging framework and individual log Handlers.

When a LogRecord is passed into the logging framework it logically belongs to the framework and should no longer be used or updated by the client application.

Note that if the client application has not specified an explicit source method name and source class name, then the LogRecord class will infer them automatically when they are first accessed (due to a call on getSourceMethodName or getSourceClassName) by analyzing the call stack. Therefore, if a logging Handler wants to pass off a LogRecord to another thread, or to transmit it over RMI, and if it wishes to subsequently obtain method name or class name information it should call one of getSourceClassName or getSourceMethodName to force the values to be filled in.

Serialization notes:

  • The LogRecord class is serializable.
  • Because objects in the parameters array may not be serializable, during serialization all objects in the parameters array are written as the corresponding Strings (using Object.toString).
  • The ResourceBundle is not transmitted as part of the serialized form, but the resource bundle name is, and the recipient object's readObject method will attempt to locate a suitable resource bundle.
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