Module java.desktop

Class ComponentUI

Direct Known Subclasses:
ButtonUI, ColorChooserUI, ComboBoxUI, DesktopIconUI, DesktopPaneUI, FileChooserUI, InternalFrameUI, LabelUI, LayerUI, ListUI, MenuBarUI, OptionPaneUI, PanelUI, PopupMenuUI, ProgressBarUI, RootPaneUI, ScrollBarUI, ScrollPaneUI, SeparatorUI, SliderUI, SpinnerUI, SplitPaneUI, TabbedPaneUI, TableHeaderUI, TableUI, TextUI, ToolBarUI, ToolTipUI, TreeUI, ViewportUI

public abstract class ComponentUI extends Object
The base class for all UI delegate objects in the Swing pluggable look and feel architecture. The UI delegate object for a Swing component is responsible for implementing the aspects of the component that depend on the look and feel. The JComponent class invokes methods from this class in order to delegate operations (painting, layout calculations, etc.) that may vary depending on the look and feel installed. Client programs should not invoke methods on this class directly.
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