Module java.desktop
Package javax.swing

Class TransferHandler

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class TransferHandler extends Object implements Serializable
This class is used to handle the transfer of a Transferable to and from Swing components. The Transferable is used to represent data that is exchanged via a cut, copy, or paste to/from a clipboard. It is also used in drag-and-drop operations to represent a drag from a component, and a drop to a component. Swing provides functionality that automatically supports cut, copy, and paste keyboard bindings that use the functionality provided by an implementation of this class. Swing also provides functionality that automatically supports drag and drop that uses the functionality provided by an implementation of this class. The Swing developer can concentrate on specifying the semantics of a transfer primarily by setting the transferHandler property on a Swing component.

This class is implemented to provide a default behavior of transferring a component property simply by specifying the name of the property in the constructor. For example, to transfer the foreground color from one component to another either via the clipboard or a drag and drop operation a TransferHandler can be constructed with the string "foreground". The built in support will use the color returned by getForeground as the source of the transfer, and setForeground for the target of a transfer.

Please see How to Use Drag and Drop and Data Transfer, a section in The Java Tutorial, for more information.