Module java.desktop

Class ImageReaderSpi

All Implemented Interfaces:

public abstract class ImageReaderSpi extends ImageReaderWriterSpi
The service provider interface (SPI) for ImageReaders. For more information on service provider classes, see the class comment for the IIORegistry class.

Each ImageReaderSpi provides several types of information about the ImageReader class with which it is associated.

The name of the vendor who defined the SPI class and a brief description of the class are available via the getVendorName, getDescription, and getVersion methods. These methods may be internationalized to provide locale-specific output. These methods are intended mainly to provide short, human-readable information that might be used to organize a pop-up menu or other list.

Lists of format names, file suffixes, and MIME types associated with the service may be obtained by means of the getFormatNames, getFileSuffixes, and getMIMETypes methods. These methods may be used to identify candidate ImageReaders for decoding a particular file or stream based on manual format selection, file naming, or MIME associations (for example, when accessing a file over HTTP or as an email attachment).

A more reliable way to determine which ImageReaders are likely to be able to parse a particular data stream is provided by the canDecodeInput method. This methods allows the service provider to inspect the actual stream contents.

Finally, an instance of the ImageReader class associated with this service provider may be obtained by calling the createReaderInstance method. Any heavyweight initialization, such as the loading of native libraries or creation of large tables, should be deferred at least until the first invocation of this method.

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