Module java.desktop

Class RenderContext

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class RenderContext extends Object implements Cloneable
A RenderContext encapsulates the information needed to produce a specific rendering from a RenderableImage. It contains the area to be rendered specified in rendering-independent terms, the resolution at which the rendering is to be performed, and hints used to control the rendering process.

Users create RenderContexts and pass them to the RenderableImage via the createRendering method. Most of the methods of RenderContexts are not meant to be used directly by applications, but by the RenderableImage and operator classes to which it is passed.

The AffineTransform parameter passed into and out of this class are cloned. The RenderingHints and Shape parameters are not necessarily cloneable and are therefore only reference copied. Altering RenderingHints or Shape instances that are in use by instances of RenderContext may have undesired side effects.