Module java.desktop
Package java.awt

Class Polygon

All Implemented Interfaces:
Shape, Serializable

public class Polygon extends Object implements Shape, Serializable
The Polygon class encapsulates a description of a closed, two-dimensional region within a coordinate space. This region is bounded by an arbitrary number of line segments, each of which is one side of the polygon. Internally, a polygon comprises of a list of (x,y) coordinate pairs, where each pair defines a vertex of the polygon, and two successive pairs are the endpoints of a line that is a side of the polygon. The first and final pairs of (x,y) points are joined by a line segment that closes the polygon. This Polygon is defined with an even-odd winding rule. See WIND_EVEN_ODD for a definition of the even-odd winding rule. This class's hit-testing methods, which include the contains, intersects and inside methods, use the insideness definition described in the Shape class comments.
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