Module java.base
Package java.util

Class PropertyPermission

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Guard

public final class PropertyPermission extends BasicPermission
This class is for property permissions.

The name is the name of the property ("java.home", "", etc). The naming convention follows the hierarchical property naming convention. Also, an asterisk may appear at the end of the name, following a ".", or by itself, to signify a wildcard match. For example: "java.*" and "*" signify a wildcard match, while "*java" and "a*b" do not.

The actions to be granted are passed to the constructor in a string containing a list of one or more comma-separated keywords. The possible keywords are "read" and "write". Their meaning is defined as follows:

read permission. Allows System.getProperty to be called.
write permission. Allows System.setProperty to be called.

The actions string is converted to lowercase before processing.

Care should be taken before granting code permission to access certain system properties. For example, granting permission to access the "java.home" system property gives potentially malevolent code sensitive information about the system environment (the Java installation directory). Also, granting permission to access the "" and "user.home" system properties gives potentially malevolent code sensitive information about the user environment (the user's account name and home directory).

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