Module java.base
Package java.text

Interface AttributedCharacterIterator

All Superinterfaces:
CharacterIterator, Cloneable

public interface AttributedCharacterIterator extends CharacterIterator
An AttributedCharacterIterator allows iteration through both text and related attribute information.

An attribute is a key/value pair, identified by the key. No two attributes on a given character can have the same key.

The values for an attribute are immutable, or must not be mutated by clients or storage. They are always passed by reference, and not cloned.

A run with respect to an attribute is a maximum text range for which:

  • the attribute is undefined or null for the entire range, or
  • the attribute value is defined and has the same non-null value for the entire range.

A run with respect to a set of attributes is a maximum text range for which this condition is met for each member attribute.

When getting a run with no explicit attributes specified (i.e., calling getRunStart() and getRunLimit()), any contiguous text segments having the same attributes (the same set of attribute/value pairs) are treated as separate runs if the attributes have been given to those text segments separately.

The returned indexes are limited to the range of the iterator.

The returned attribute information is limited to runs that contain the current character.

Attribute keys are instances of AttributedCharacterIterator.Attribute and its subclasses, such as TextAttribute.

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