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Class Provider

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Serializable, Cloneable, Map<Object,Object>
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public abstract class Provider extends Properties
This class represents a "provider" for the Java Security API, where a provider implements some or all parts of Java Security. Services that a provider may implement include:
  • Algorithms (such as DSA, RSA, or SHA-256).
  • Key generation, conversion, and management facilities (such as for algorithm-specific keys).

Some provider implementations may encounter unrecoverable internal errors during their operation, for example a failure to communicate with a security token. A ProviderException should be used to indicate such errors.

Please note that a provider can be used to implement any security service in Java that uses a pluggable architecture with a choice of implementations that fit underneath.

The service type Provider is reserved for use by the security framework. Services of this type cannot be added, removed, or modified by applications. The following attributes are automatically placed in each Provider object:

Attributes Automatically Placed in a Provider Object
NameValue name String.valueOf(provider.getName()) version String.valueOf(provider.getVersionStr()) info String.valueOf(provider.getInfo()) className provider.getClass().getName()

Each provider has a name and a version string. A provider normally identifies itself with a file named in the resource directory META-INF/services. Security providers are looked up via the ServiceLoader mechanism using the application class loader.

Providers may be configured such that they are automatically installed and made available at runtime via the Security.getProviders() method. The mechanism for configuring and installing security providers is implementation-specific.

Implementation Note:
The JDK implementation supports static registration of the security providers via the conf/security/ file in the Java installation directory. These providers are automatically installed by the JDK runtime, see The Provider Class in the Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA) Reference Guide for information about how a particular type of provider, the cryptographic service provider, works and is installed.
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