Module java.base

Class AccessControlContext


@Deprecated(since="17", forRemoval=true) public final class AccessControlContext extends Object
Deprecated, for removal: This API element is subject to removal in a future version.
This class is only useful in conjunction with the Security Manager, which is deprecated and subject to removal in a future release. Consequently, this class is also deprecated and subject to removal. There is no replacement for the Security Manager or this class.
An AccessControlContext is used to make system resource access decisions based on the context it encapsulates.

More specifically, it encapsulates a context and has a single method, checkPermission, that is equivalent to the checkPermission method in the AccessController class, with one difference: The checkPermission method makes access decisions based on the context it encapsulates, rather than that of the current execution thread.

Thus, the purpose of AccessControlContext is for those situations where a security check that should be made within a given context actually needs to be done from within a different context (for example, from within a worker thread).

An AccessControlContext is created by calling the AccessController.getContext method. The getContext method takes a "snapshot" of the current calling context, and places it in an AccessControlContext object, which it returns. A sample call is the following:

   AccessControlContext acc = AccessController.getContext()

Code within a different context can subsequently call the checkPermission method on the previously-saved AccessControlContext object. A sample call is the following:

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