Module java.base
Package java.lang

Interface Appendable

All Known Implementing Classes:
BufferedWriter, CharArrayWriter, CharBuffer, FileWriter, FilterWriter, LogStream, OutputStreamWriter, PipedWriter, PrintStream, PrintWriter, StringBuffer, StringBuilder, StringWriter, Writer

public interface Appendable
An object to which char sequences and values can be appended. The Appendable interface must be implemented by any class whose instances are intended to receive formatted output from a Formatter.

The characters to be appended should be valid Unicode characters as described in Unicode Character Representation. Note that supplementary characters may be composed of multiple 16-bit char values.

Appendables are not necessarily safe for multithreaded access. Thread safety is the responsibility of classes that extend and implement this interface.

Since this interface may be implemented by existing classes with different styles of error handling there is no guarantee that errors will be propagated to the invoker.