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Class LSException

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public class LSException extends RuntimeException
Parser or write operations may throw an LSException if the processing is stopped. The processing can be stopped due to a DOMError with a severity of DOMError.SEVERITY_FATAL_ERROR or a non recovered DOMError.SEVERITY_ERROR, or if DOMErrorHandler.handleError() returned false.

Note: As suggested in the definition of the constants in the DOMError interface, a DOM implementation may choose to continue after a fatal error, but the resulting DOM tree is then implementation dependent.

See also the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 3 Load and Save Specification.

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      public short code

      public static final short PARSE_ERR
      If an attempt was made to load a document, or an XML Fragment, using LSParser and the processing has been stopped.
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      public static final short SERIALIZE_ERR
      If an attempt was made to serialize a Node using LSSerializer and the processing has been stopped.
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    • LSException

      public LSException(short code, String message)