Module java.xml

Class SAXSource

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SAXSource extends Object implements Source

Acts as an holder for SAX-style Source.

Note that XSLT requires namespace support. Attempting to transform an input source that is not generated with a namespace-aware parser may result in errors. Parsers can be made namespace aware by calling the SAXParserFactory.setNamespaceAware(boolean awareness) method.

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    • setXMLReader

      public void setXMLReader(XMLReader reader)
      Set the XMLReader to be used for the Source.
      reader - A valid XMLReader or XMLFilter reference.
    • getXMLReader

      public XMLReader getXMLReader()
      Get the XMLReader to be used for the Source.
      A valid XMLReader or XMLFilter reference, or null.
    • setInputSource

      public void setInputSource(InputSource inputSource)
      Set the SAX InputSource to be used for the Source.
      inputSource - A valid InputSource reference.
    • getInputSource

      public InputSource getInputSource()
      Get the SAX InputSource to be used for the Source.
      A valid InputSource reference, or null.
    • setSystemId

      public void setSystemId(String systemId)
      Set the system identifier for this Source. If an input source has already been set, it will set the system ID or that input source, otherwise it will create a new input source.

      The system identifier is optional if there is a byte stream or a character stream, but it is still useful to provide one, since the application can use it to resolve relative URIs and can include it in error messages and warnings (the parser will attempt to open a connection to the URI only if no byte stream or character stream is specified).

      Specified by:
      setSystemId in interface Source
      systemId - The system identifier as a URI string.
    • getSystemId

      public String getSystemId()

      Get the base ID (URI or system ID) from where URIs will be resolved.

      Specified by:
      getSystemId in interface Source
      Base URL for the Source, or null.
    • sourceToInputSource

      public static InputSource sourceToInputSource(Source source)
      Attempt to obtain a SAX InputSource object from a Source object.
      source - Must be a non-null Source reference.
      An InputSource, or null if Source can not be converted.
    • isEmpty

      public boolean isEmpty()
      Indicates whether the SAXSource object is empty. Empty is defined as follows:
      • if the system identifier and InputSource are null;
      • if the system identifier is null, and the InputSource is empty.
      Specified by:
      isEmpty in interface Source
      true if the SAXSource object is empty, false otherwise