Module java.rmi
Package java.rmi

Interface Remote

All Known Subinterfaces:
DGC, Registry, RMIConnection, RMIServer
All Known Implementing Classes:
RemoteObject, RemoteObjectInvocationHandler, RemoteServer, RemoteStub, RMIConnectionImpl, RMIConnectionImpl_Stub, RMIIIOPServerImpl, RMIJRMPServerImpl, RMIServerImpl, RMIServerImpl_Stub, UnicastRemoteObject

public interface Remote
The Remote interface serves to identify interfaces whose methods may be invoked from a non-local virtual machine. Any object that is a remote object must directly or indirectly implement this interface. Only those methods specified in a "remote interface", an interface that extends java.rmi.Remote are available remotely.

Implementation classes can implement any number of remote interfaces and can extend other remote implementation classes. RMI provides a convenience class UnicastRemoteObject that remote object implementations can extend and that facilitates remote object creation.

For complete details on RMI, see the RMI Specification which describes the RMI API and system.